Women’s Recovery Housing

Safe Organized Accessible Recovery (SOAR) Housing

Safe Organized Accessible Recovery (SOAR) Housing are Level II residential recovery houses that offer access to outpatient treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and sober support services for women experiencing early stage recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. SOAR Recovery Housing was established to provide women an opportunity to gain recovery from the disease of alcoholism and other drugs in a clean, healthy and sober environment. SOAR provides structured and stable housing environments for women recovering from substance use addiction to enable them to experience personal growth, develop a foundation for long term sobriety, and improve the quality of their lives while becoming productive members of society.​

SOAR offers a supportive environment where the residents develop a sober community where they learn and develop positive communication and relationship skills. They are assigned individual chores, and shared household duties, such as cooking and cleaning. SOAR offers an opportunity for residents to regain their dignity and a sense of self-esteem while living in structured, clean, stable, and sober recovery housing. SOAR assists women financially during the early period of their residency.​

SOAR offers residents support, informational resources, realistic expectations and helps them become self-confident functioning members of society. SOAR helps women renew relationships and reunite with family members. Residents are connected with experienced and reputable professional’s substance abuse and mental health treatment services. SOAR helps reunite women with their children and other family members.

Needs and Characteristics of the Population Served

Provides recovery housing and numerous support services for adult women recovering from the consequences of drug addiction, characterized by a variety of self-defeating and destructive behaviors accompanied by their uncontrollable consumption and cravings of alcohol and other drugs. Addresses their effort to receive housing assistance and find their pathways to recovery.


To provide services that ensures that every woman who wants to obtain and maintain a life free from drug addiction is given all of the supportive services needed.

Scope of Services

Provides safe, organized, accessible, recovery housing for women that is comprehensive in scope that requires the following:​

  • Maintain a sober living lifestyle
  • Participation in off-site counseling services
  • Participation in training sessions for employment opportunities
  • Pursue educational opportunities
  • Attend 12-step meetings.
  • Move toward future goals in life while maintaining sobriety

24/7 supervised residential service.

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