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We live in an extraordinary time. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a global public health crisis not seen since the influenza pandemic of 1918.During the current coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic, UMADAOP Lucas County, like most other outpatient chemical dependency treatment programs and clinics had to decrease their number of in-person patient contacts. In an attempt to continue some care for patients in need, UMADAOP Lucas County transitioned to virtual telemedical interventions to promote safe social distancing.  

Social distancing and rigorous infectious disease prevention strategies are the new normal. Rapid changes and extreme uncertainty resulting from COVID-19 have driven individual fears, grief, apprehension, and a near omnipresent struggle to cope with social isolation, economic tumult, and displacement. 

UMADAOP Lucas County believes that it is now more important than ever to provide chemical dependency assessment and care through modalities that are safe for the provider and the client. UMADAOP Lucas County has implemented the use of Evidence-Based Telehealth to provide SUD services across a distance using telecommunications technology. 

UMADAOP Lucas County Telehealth For Clients

Telehealth can produce similar results to in-person treatment, reduce the burden of travel, and help reduce the perception of stigma. It has been shown to provide substantial patient and provider satisfaction with the delivery of care.

The modes of telehealth that are used by UMADAOP Lucas County in SUD treatment programs are computerized assessments, telephone-based recovery support, telephone-based therapy and video-based therapy Other Telehealth tools include texting via smartphone apps, and virtual support service provisions.  

In addition, AA and NA have developed free apps that provide a one-stop repository for local entities to provide information on location, daily reflections, local meeting guidelines, news et cetera. UMADAOP Lucas County utilizes these augmentation stratagems to traditional treatment, as safe ways to enhance skills conducive to maintaining sobriety. While in-person groups and individual sessions remain the gold standard, we believe that virtual SUD-focused telehealth can be delivered in a safe and effective manner.

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