Recovery Videos (On Demand) presented by Cleveland UMADAOP

From Destruction to God's Divineness

Join Ozetta Harris as she traverses her colorful past, leaving no stone unturned. Her journey will show proof that experience, strength, and hope are all you need to move forward into your destiny.

This is the journey of Delores Simpson, which takes her on a path that features many low points, but leads her to a sense of freedom she did not know possible during her struggles with addiction.

Join Elder Carolyn Green as she takes you on a journey of trials and tribulations that ultimately leads her to aid those afflicted with some of the same struggles she endured.

Join Kevin Hubbert on his journey through addiction. He chronicles the many situations that seemed to push him in a direction he was destined for, but in a way he had not envisioned.

Join Pastor Edward McGhee as he recounts his journey through addiction as a parent to someone struggling with their drug use, and a man whose path may have been colored by an addiction of a different kind.