Re-entry Services For Adult Males

The Circle for Recovery of Ohio (CFRO) is a re-entry program that utilizes outpatient treatment services to serve individuals that are returning citizens from an Ohio penal institution. The CFRO program provides access to effective community reentry services in order to promote substance-free successful employment, community reintegration and law-abiding citizenship. The services that are offered include family reunification, housing assistance, case management, motivational interviewing, and various types of risk reduction assistance to help returning citizens avoid the use of alcohol, other drugs and prevent a relapse of criminal activity.

If you or someone that you know is a returning citizen, UMADAOP Lucas County offers comprehensive case management and wrap-around service support to help reduce the possibility of returning to a lifestyle that involves substance use or criminal activity. The CFRO program helps individuals to develop positive life skills such as communication strategies, problem solving techniques and anger management tools that will be essential for successful community reintegration. The CFRO program is also dedicated to ensuring access to quality healthcare treatment to help individuals successfully develop and build long-term goals.

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