An Overview of Treatment and Recovery Services

UMADAOP Lucas County offers comprehensive non-intensive outpatient services that aids clients in obtaining and maintaining sobriety and wellness. 

The treatment program offers a full array of treatment and recovery support services that encourage people and families to maintain healthy lifestyles to help clients successfully complete treatment and sustain their recovery across the lifespan. 

The treatment program provides evidence-based services to support person-centered and self-directed approaches to care that build on the personal responsibility, strengths, and resilience of individuals, families, and communities to achieve sustained health, wellness, and recovery from alcohol and other drug problems.

The treatment program offers outpatient treatment and behavioral health services for people who want to achieve and maintain a sober, and productive recovering lifestyle. The clients receive individual alcohol and drug counseling sessions, group alcohol and drug counseling sessions, life skills training, health and fitness training, and a variety of supportive service activities geared to enhance and optimize their recovery effort. Clients are provided an extensive range of supportive services that include family inclusion activities, employment, women’s recovery housing and continuous alumni support.

Case management services are provided to assist clients in finding accessible services that are needed to help clients sustain their recovery. The treatment program is designed to address recovery from substance use disorders through a holistic system that is considered the best method for helping people maintain stable and lasting sobriety. The treatment program offers clients the ability to begin a community focused recovery process to help them re-assimilate into the “regular world” as recovering individuals enjoying healthy lifestyles.

The treatment program helps clients overcome substance use disorders while also helping them to develop the confidence, skills and support needed to deal with the “outside” world and all of the temptations, stressors and trigger for relapse that they will encounter while working to maintain lasting recovery.

Service Days – Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 5:30 pm.

Outpatient Treatment

The UMADAOP Outpatient Treatment Program is a part-time program usually requiring 6 hours per week of meetings including individual and group therapy that focus on the development of real-world coping skills for maintaining sobriety. The Outpatient program typically lasts for three to six months.

Patients who are in an outpatient program can continue to work, attend school, and live at home; though, sometimes it is recommended that patients stay in transitional, sober living housing where they can get additional support from their peers in recovery and get away from any undue influences enabling their addictions. Meetings and counseling sessions at an outpatient center are typically held in the morning or evenings so that people can continue on with regular daily schedules.

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Outpatient Treatment

The Outpatient treatment is not the right choice for everyone. Outpatient treatment can, however, be a good option for someone with a mild addiction, or for someone “stepping down” from inpatient treatment. Many people in recovery choose to transition from inpatient rehab to intensive outpatient or outpatient program so that they can practice applying the skills they learned in inpatient treatment to the real-world while still getting the extra support and guidance they need.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

UMADAOP Lucas County offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for substance abuse and mental health treatment in which people visit the treatment center several days a week for a few hours at a time. The IOP is time-intensive, but unlike an inpatient program, it does not require patients to live at the facility.

The Intensive outpatient programs typically meet on weekdays in the morning or evening. Programs primarily consist of group therapy, though they may offer other services. Most programs last about 90 days or longer, and include drug testing.

The services are structured to provide individual and group alcohol and/or other drug treatment services. The activities last at least 3 hours a day and at least 3 days a week according to individualized treatment plans.

Group therapy is the main component of the intensive outpatient program. Groups allow patients to improve their communication, learn how to socialize without drugs or alcohol, support each other, and experience structure and discipline.

Other Intensive outpatient program services include individual counseling, medication management, case management, introduction to support groups, psychiatric screening, and family support.

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