Group Counseling

Group therapy is an essential Program. Participation in a group offers support for patients in a variety of ways. The groups offer patients the chance to enhance their communication skills and provides a new resource for socialization. This is especially important for recovery, as individuals’ previous socialization is often with others who use drugs or alcohol. Sometimes groups will be specialized, focused on a single type of client, such as men or women, LGBTQ individuals, veterans, or sexual abuse survivors. Groups generally contain between 8 and 12 members.

  • It gives patients access to an environment where people in similar situations provide support, comfort, and honest feedback.
  • It can reinforce healthful ways of interacting and provide a safe space that is vital to recovery efforts.
  • Group members who are farther along in their recovery often offer valuable assistance and empathy to those who are early in the recovery process.
  • It provides a forum for therapists and group leaders to pass on important information, teach new skills, and guide patients.
  • Groups can be a place to witness more positive behaviors associated with recovery and to practice new modes of dealing with addiction.

The group sessions in which patients participate are of varying types in order to address a range of skills required for successful recovery from disorders.

Individual Counseling

UMADAOP Lucas County Individual Counseling

The UMADAOP Lucas County Behavioral Treatment Program includes weekly individual counseling sessions consisting of a therapeutic situation where a patient is involved in the therapeutic process with a professional counselor.  Thus, therapy differs from getting advice from friends, family, acquaintances, etc., as it is a professional service provided by a trained professional. During the individual counseling sessions, the client receives one-on-one attention from the counselor and this allows the counselor to be very thorough in understanding the specific problems of the patient and in developing an individualized approach to helping the patient.

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