Our History

The Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program, Inc. (UMADAOP Lucas County) was started in 1980 as a result of a legislative bill passed by the Ohio General Assembly to address the problem of alcoholism and alcohol abuse in the African and Hispanic American community. A former Cincinnati state representative William L. Mallory was the founder and sponsor of the legislation that created the initial seven Ohio UMADAOP organizations. UMADAOP Lucas County serves residents that reside in Toledo, Ohio and throughout Lucas County located in Northwest Ohio.

Originally, the emphasis of the organization was on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. At that time, the organization’s name was the Urban Minority Alcoholism Outreach Program and it was known as (UMAOP). However, the need to provide similar Services for those at risk of abusing or becoming dependent on substances other than alcohol became increasingly apparent. Thus, in March 1989, the mission of the organization was expanded to include prevention and early intervention activities for those individuals at risk of abusing other drugs. At that time, the name changed to the Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program and it has since been known as UMADAOP Lucas County. UMADAOP Lucas County is a private, not-for-profit corporation operating as a tax-exempt 501-(C) 3 organization under the laws of the United States Department of the Internal Revenue Service.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has the right to exceptional behavioral health treatment. We believe that the values of our country, democracy, justice, and equality, are given meaning when, and only when, everyone, including the disenfranchised minority benefit from them, experience them directly, and help to establish them. Guided by these beliefs, we embrace the philosophy that substance abuse and addictions constitute crippling and debilitating illnesses that can prevent or inhibit positive life opportunities. Consequently, we believe that it is our job to provide our services to those suffering from these illnesses.

Our Purpose

To provide an array of culturally competent services designed to eliminate the use and mitigate the effects of long-term alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse. We accomplish this by providing community-based prevention, treatment, recovery support and adolescent and adult re-entry services for alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment. Our programs ensure that the individuals served by UMADAOP Lucas County are fully equipped to overcome the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and become essential contributors to the communities they inhabit.

Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy embraces a belief that addiction is a primary, progressive, chronic, and treatable illness that affects the total person, and has physiological, psychological, social-cultural and spiritual components that requires a holistic treatment and recovery support approach.